About Us... 6ill9re9

   Billgreg, or 6ill9re9.

Born in Paris, France in 1974.
After studying Fine Arts at Olivier de Serre in Paris and Computer Graphics at SupInfoCom in Valenciennes, I started working in the Video Game industry at CRYO. I quickly moved to the Special Effects industry and worked on the feature movie BATMAN and ROBIN at BUF. Then I became the Art and Technical Director for NOW FUTURE, working for commercials and tv motion designs. Years of freelancing ensued for several companies including NOBRAIN, SPECIMEN, CUBE CREATIVE, COSA, EX-MACHINA, JLA…
By producing and directing two MTVs for PUZZLE I had taken my first steps towards the creative side of movie making.
Returning to being a CG Artist, I kept working with companies I was freelancing for, while adding MAC GUFF LIGNE and ONYX FILMS to the list. At the same time, I was honing my directing skills with STINK PARIS, NIGHTSHIFT/LAZY CORNER and MATHEMATICS. Arriving in Singapore in 2013, I became Art Director for FILMVISIONVFX, coding for motion design to produce original content for projection mapping.
when FILMVISION became part of a group called TPI, I became Group Artistic DIrector.
In 2017, I worked for Lights & Shadows.

2018 is the year I started my own CGI Boutique!